Policy Brief Somali Youth In Parliament Will They be able to Change the Status quo of Somali Politics

Target area of operation is South Central Somalia. With representative presence at Northern Somalia. CRYD currently focuses, however, Banadir, Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle, Bay, Bakol and Central Regions (South Mudug and Galgaduud) , Kismayo also will expand our activities in Puntland and Somaliland in near future.

Center for Research and Youth Development has been actively involved in empowering young people’s access to information, services and rights so that they are able to build collective platforms to challenge, develop and unlock their leadership potential. CRYD sets out to encourage the resurrection of a collapsed state through its largest yet most neglected population, Somalia’s youth. CRYD focuses on grass root level change, investing in youth and the betterment of their local communities with the hopes of enticing change at the national level.

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Center for research and youth development is a nonprofit organization dedicated to independent research and youth development non-profit, whose mission is to develop and promote the capacity of local Somali youth and graduates.

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