CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (CRYD) is a non-profit, research and development think-tank center whose mission is to set a positive agenda for the young generations in Somalia. Promoting successful profiles among the youth, CRYD intends to shape current discourse by driving a liberating narrative that empowers young minds to overcome prevailing challenges in Somalia. Based on the principles of civic duty, volunteerism, free enterprise, individual freedom, and traditional Somali values, CRYD aims to provide youth with a space to share knowledge, Skills, information and gain real life experiences.

CRYD has been actively involved in dealing with issues faced by young people, highlighting alternative solutions, building platforms and unlocking their potentials for a better tomorrow. CRYD sets out to a path of recovery for Somalia’s largest yet most neglected population, the youth. It focuses to catalyze a change at the grassroots level by closing the gap with skills, education, better opportunities and building durable networks in both nationally and internationally.

We empower young people by supporting their work through three key focus areas, namely:

  • Communication & Skills Development: CRYD trains young people to develop soft and technical skills to be better suited for the job market.
  • Awareness and Advocacy: Advocating for youth Political participation, Gender, Human rights, life skills and education.
  • Community Based Partnerships: CRYD works primarily in the local communities and youth led groups through partnerships of national, regional and international levels.

Law 6

To raise awareness and foster better understandings about youth issues through research, workshops and publications. CRYD strives to support programs that seek the most impact on young adults, using mentor-ship, skill-sets, leadership development and youth-to-youth peer networks.

Law 6

To promote peace and prosperous environment where all Somali youth are empowered to remain productive and responsible citizens in their respective communities.

Law 6

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Voluntary service
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Gender Equality