Who We Are

Who we are

Center for research and youth development is a nonprofit organization dedicated to independent research and youth development non-profit, whose mission is to develop and promote the capacity of local Somali youth and graduates. Based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional Somali values and invoking civil duty, CRYD aims to provide youth with a space to share knowledge, information and gain real life experiences.

CRYD was founded in Mogadishu by a group of Somali professionals both diaspora and locals; that deemed it essential to create a space for like-minded individuals to share their experiences and how they have managed with the trials and tribulations that often follow youth after studies and finding suitable jobs in Somalia.   

Center for Research and Youth Development has been actively involved in empowering young people’s access to information, services and rights so that they are able to build collective platforms to challenge, develop and unlock their leadership potential. CRYD sets out to encourage the resurrection of a collapsed state through its largest yet most neglected population, Somalia’s youth. CRYD focuses on grass root level change, investing in youth and the betterment of their local communities with the hopes of enticing change at the national level. With nearly 30 years of suffrage to recover from, CRYD looks to provide assistance to communities through research and dialogue in regard to the gaps in education and skills of youth with the objective of identifying specific mitigation measures to bridge those gaps. CRYD stands to serve as a channel of support for young graduates and professionals aiding with job hunting training, CV development, mock interviews and so forth to prepare our leaders of tomorrow for what today has to offer. Help youth identify their key job skills, improve their CV, perfect their interview technique and gain better job seeking skills, use judgement to help youth through some challenging times in their lives, and provide tailored coaching which will make a huge difference to their ability to find, stay in and progress in a job develop an in-depth knowledge of local employment opportunities to help them get the right post. Provide advice for job seekers, how to get ready for work.

Our mission

CRYD mission is to set a positive agenda and develop for the young generations and the whole society based on evidence-based research and provide practical recommendations for policy makers and the public to create opportunities and facilitate to achieve their goals.

Core value

  • Respect: We adhere to respect the values and cultures of all our stakeholders whose participation in our decision making process is of high importance.
  • Integrity: We behave in compliance with our mission, being honest and transparent in our activities.
  • Voluntary service: We participate in our activities with a commitment not prompted in any manner by desire for gain.
  • Transparency & Accountability: We always remain accountable to our stakeholders by giving appropriate and timely feedback and transparent in our activities.
  • Commitment: We collectively serve the community by being effective and efficient in our activities.
  • Gender Equality: We value equally the different behavior, aspirations, needs and rights of women and men. This may include equal treatment or treatment that is different but which is considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities. Their rights, responsibilities and opportunities do not depend on whether they are born male or female.

Our Vision

To see a world of peace and prosperous environment in which all Somali youth have equal access to opportunities and allowing them to live to their fullest potential as global young citizens and to be the new voice of Somalia.

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